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There are movies & then there r movies & i love the movies. but then i know none who dont!~!

Mama mia caught my attention even before it was released yet there wasnt any way that i could catch 1st day ,1st show anywhere coz i was nowhere close to a multiplex so u know what yesterday when was browsing to catch anything interesting and boy stumbled on something very very interesting MAMA MIA on H.B.O.(HOME BOX OFFICE CHANNEL,my fav for movies).

Well first time on television it said,it surely was for me,seemed like the movie had just begun,where Sophie(very very cute & beautiful @ same time& well tanned….perfect skin for the island they live on ,am sure a few tanning cream companies could write an ad on that,gorgeously healthy tanned complexion ) is running all along the beach, singing a happy sony[honey,honey] with her 2 bridesmaids, all the way up their cute hotel cum residence,villa donna!!!and sharing with them how she has send an invite to the 3 men in her mom’s life,one of her who’s her dad,& she so wans him for her wedding to give her away at the altar. I love the way all the songs are gelled oh so well into every scene where every charector breaks into dance & song,i mean its so cute when every single scene has all the charectors saying just the thing & viola there’s a song about that&the message is send across too!like a picture worth a thousands words here u have a thousand words that convey just the perfect picture as also making it enjoyable to u at the same time!…i dont know wht its meant to be but to me its a happy & gay musical.i mean it aint after my own heart in every sense of it but the happy part of it ,yes,i love the active life & living on an island,and it comes like everyone is all heart kinda u know! i belive & am almost always in a state of mind thats laugh @ dance & song not just with music alone,break into a jiggle ,a laughter & song & have everybody around share the effect of the resounding gongs……..

its set on the picturesque island, kalokairi ,in Greece ,at sea by the sea,but not like disorganized but very lively (chaotic) way,in a good sense :-). everybody has ants in their pants(in a good way again)to break,jiggle,into dance & song at adrop of a hat,of everyones hat!(reminds u of sound of music or mary poppins?me too)like of the call of the wild to come experience the raw but so perfect beauty of nature

happy as a clam in high water(though this aint on the coast of new england where u find ’em plenty)

its so breath-takingly beutiful,the seas,the deep hue’d water ,the yatchs,the mountains&hills &cliffs,the lush greenery around! is there some place on planet that has it all,this has to be it!

evry moment in time from the movie is special to me.i can point out none in particular though love the moments Sophie wants her mom to help her get dressed[“slipping thru my fingers”]well shot & conveys the perfect emotions !

and the whole scene where the bridal party (except the bride)walks up-hill to the beautiful quaint chapel(very v v beutiful ) with the whole path up-hill so well lit setting in to welcome the bride & soon seeting sun all at once{& also”the winner takes it all”}… still soaking in its blisss………….ss

and finally its mama mia who walks Sophie down the aisle{something i would have loved to do too}

Sophie,doesnt work at the coalface,she ‘s just so involved with every of her hearts desire.

I love the songs “i have a dream” & love the end with “thank u for the music”….after actually waiting with bated breath with a bee in my bonnet throughout the movie waiting to see ’em break into the next sing-song & dance,after all i was watching a very musical musical!!! that too a bright & breezy one!

& to find out who finally is sophie’s father or how she finds herself father’s(hint…hint…)& what finally happens to the wedding or who her mom,donna marries(hint..hint…),go watch this must watch flick,t begin with check with h.b.o. for their movie schedule!!!now this last parts only for those who havent watched this flick…ALL IN ALL…DEFINATELY A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!

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