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IT happenned one night! Watching keenly was i nigella lawsons tv show,n while i kept a keen eye n ear on the recipe,my eagle eyes(not always ) were busy taking in the other details,lookin around the kitchen ticking goodies i was falling in love with(ends with that) when wait full stop…I LOVE THE STAND MIXER THERE….its like my dream machine,now would that be a bentley,ferrari or merc s-class(am still deciding),its classy,goodlooking, great output n most of all cute,all at the same time!! By now my interest in the recipe n cooking had wanned(now whats the internet for,if u remeber d name ie), i simply HAD TO HAVE A GLIMPSE OF THE BRAND(now i might have been happier in the kitchen than t.v. room ever since i remember but m just a couple of months old in the television field,before this i never watched any t.v.,leave alone know who nigella was)…..well for that the camera had to zoom in well at an angle where i would clearly read the name…there gotcha boy…it soon sure did …KITCHENAID,n yes i knew not the enormity of the company that makes the best stand mixers nor that it would be close to setting me back by $300 or more (when i hve some). $ coz i do doubt u’d find this lean mean machine in india. but by the end of the day with some research i knew kitchen aid as does the world over!!!

ok and even if i did,well ,$3oo or more is a neat sum,well so on hold for now but i did need a stand mixer i was convinced to take place of my whisks and “strong” hands coz at the end of the day i am a cake lover finally and even if its a few cuppy cakes i do bake more than a few times a week so next step i looked up yellow pages and started by calling dealers and suppliers for a good stand mixer. Now officially in india ,as far as i know ,there’s just black and decker, morphy richards & philips. Now all these are excellent companies but none had the features i was looking for that began with a steel bowl.

but here’s a better view of what i was or am looking at:

  1. sturdy deep steel bowl preferably with dual motor(that gives u a rotating base,sunbeam heritage series has the feature0
  2. good power of a min or above 250w to 300w with burst of power feature
  3. well getting to blades would be best if
  • paddle blade or flat beater
  • a nice round ballon whisk
  • whipping bades n whisking blades
  • dough hooks

i did see one with an auto spatula that scrapes down the sides as u go ,automatically,if i aint mistaken its in philips but m just checking it out at the moment.ok this one was the black and decker pro,not available in india but it doesn have a steel bowl. Now this whole evening have been trying to find out if this model ie pro300 n pro350 come with a whisk & does it include the stand n bowl or what? The company site only showcases the hand mixer but a couple of reviews mention a stand or bowl(but dont know if its s.s.)so is it bought seperately or what??????????????????????HELP HELP HELP

A did love the hamilton all steel one too but that again is way ahead of budget so boy what,it comes down to my nova nm73,is it?

well my list of must haves narrowed to only one option-kitchen aid is the answer but not possible as of now so ome more researching & dime a dozen calls later i came upon the nova NM 73(my tumbling upon this one available in india is another long story) that a few dealers in mumbai stock on, and the only one in india i came across with a steel bowl, but then they too get their stocks from u.a.e. & its been a 3month long wait now but a fornight ago a kind angel agreed to have one down directly from the u.a.e.

now i chose the nova mainly for the only model i know in with a steel bowl in that price range ,its very well priced or rather perfect for my budget but on second thoughts today am going through hamilton to see if anything fits my pocket. and main things the first time i was floored by the kitchenaid,on the nigella show remeber,i saw its gracefull movement with the whisk so a whisk i would truly love.

and the very next day me did check the han but later got to know that it aint truly for whipping and whisking,the type you need for baking. Had liked its chopping attachment though,for me it aint out of the kitchen quick but rather more in less time or the max i can in the time i have!

ok now the other option is the Braun M880 which am just checking out.ok this one is out!!!!

if anyone could help with this please leave me a messg,will ya?


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