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Can talk about food n foodies and cooking spice and all things nice and chocs n cremes n caramels and yuppie all that goes with it and what follows too , all in the same breathe , for hours on the end and not get bored( myself ie dont know about you…)now whether that makes me a self confessed foodie or no i know not but id more than love to say that i am, and aiming to be a gourmet one at that whatever that means, and id so love scraping the caviar off my gourmet bourbon vanilla beans to qualify me for that but it wont and but ofcourse i’m kidding

and actually what am short of saying is that if it sounds like am short of saying that live, breathe and of courz eat then maybe i shouldnt be giving any picture right in the begining! and dont i love and immensely enjoy researching and experimenting whatever the topic of interest be it shopping,new products,completing assingmentsand yes cant forget keeping home and cleaning tricksand with home comes a nice cozy warm kitchen so its so much more then relishing a morsel or whipping up a delicacy, a passion thats right from scourging the market for the perfectly right reds n greens n yellows n what have you to the storing and pouring over pots n pans and if you can do it with style and panache , why not?…well well my little ideas of a not too expensive but happy happy me style! can say the same for keeping hhome, shopping and perfumes too and it aint a funny coincidence that its all to do with my senses!
whats a dinner without hollow pillar candles lending a warm golden with the help of a couple of those amazing tea lites with some aromatic vanilla thrown in for good measure,tht keep glowing on and on for hours on the end, i think tea lites are an amazing discovery, i mean invention

well christmas time, is enjoying every moment in time, well that applies whole year round too ,, the enjoying part ie,a time that would have me for months ahead collecting all thats green , red and cream and all that looks like a dream n helps in any which way for brightening up any corner or table top which for sure includes whateva gives a nice glow with a little help from a vanilla perfumed tea lite, and all this and more is mine for the season .
collect glasses n holders and what have you….remember one i sited some type of tiny vase kind of glasses, very cute after picturisation of a idea which i implemented after a nice load of running around to put it all together so after was done with them with a good dose of gold spray paint with glitter,beautiful ribbons in hues of red and ofcourse my by now infamous tea lites completed my take aways for the season but not without the help of some typical goan bamboo “sups” with golden tool thrown over and there was my take away for the season which everybody lit as they walk away happy with it to your home sweet home!

now now, i wasnt writing about xmas was i?oh what was it that i began with? tealites and all things spice? but well well thats me i begin to write and just go with the flow n b4 i know it am at the north pole at santas door! so muc for writing with my heart, write with your mind gurl,go strait, look ahead and dont wander around so back to checking what i began with it was FOOD or me? well same thing? didnt drive too far away from the highwaqy did i? but the flames always alive and the flame of xmas is so aliven i simply cant stop or should i really?

the rest later that was me for you for now baby,……..break for rest and recuperation


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